About us



Transform the world into a happier, safer and more efficient place thanks to our technology and effort.



Provide SOLUTIONS based on traffic analytics and superior quality consultancy for our clients to deploy systems that:

They save lives.
They make their companies and processes more efficient.
They avoid frauds and thefts.
Increase the safety and quality of life of our companies, towns, cities and countries.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the development of specialized software for reading license plates and video analytics, established in the city of Barcelona- Spain, Neural Labs is recognized in the national and international market as an efficient company and a reliable partner, thanks to the high rate of license plate reading and innovation in traffic control, security and mobility solutions for cities and municipalities.


During the last decade the company has been developing applications based on neural networks, as well as new deep learning techniques, to offer an important variety of artificial intelligence solutions applied to access controls, tolls, parking, logistics, traffic and mobility.


Our vehicle recognition software Neural Server, combines neural technology and artificial intelligence, to develop traffic analytics efficiently and quickly in any scenario: On-board systems (police vehicles), cameras at fixed points (to recognize vehicle license plates continuously, at any speed).


The software has been developed with the aim of offering cities, municipalities and states control tools that improve security, mobility and traffic management; It offers the user the possibility of generating through the interface, searches in the history of detections by registration, brand, color, speed, direction of traffic and lane, as well as classification according to their type, detecting vehicles that violate the traffic rules and can endanger the lives of other drivers and pedestrians.


Likewise, Neural Server allows managing the sanctions proposal module, detecting vehicles that cross in red light, perform undue turns, circulate in the opposite direction or at excessive speed. Additionally it offers the possibility of improving mobility in cities thanks to the generation of destination origin matrices and control of vehicular restriction in places where, for various reasons such as environmental care, it is necessary to limit the number of cars that transit.


Within the field of logistics and ports, Neural Labs is an important ally as it allows additional reading and validation of ISO6346 transport container codes (ANPR), thus improving the identification of entry and exit of vehicles and containers, generating traceability of movement within the customs or logistics areas.


The international experience we have acquired in the ITS, parking, security and traffic sectors allows us to advise and professionally accompany our clients in their projects, providing efficient solutions for each traffic management, access control and mobility scenario.


This accompaniment turns out to be a determining factor in the success of our clients' projects, because our team of qualified engineers carries out an analysis in the field of the aspects that impact the reading, to obtain an optimum recognition of the license plates and the vehicles; thus determining which should be adjusted prior to the development and implementation of the solutions, avoiding additional costs derived from reprocessing.


Neural Labs evolves under three pillars: Solutions, Client and Video Analytics.