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Road Safety: Traffic Analytics

As road security solutions evolve, VPAR SERVER now includes renewed analytics which allow to identify those vehicles whose behavior put road safety at risk. VPAR SERVER can detect:

Lane: among other applications, it allows to detect vehicles making a forbidden turn or invading bus or taxi lane.

Direction Flow: It detects those vehicles circulating in the wrong direction flow, putting at risk the safety of the road.

Vehicle classification: It allows to detect the type of vehicle, whether it’s CAR, MOTORBIKE, VAN or TRUCK. This is a very helpful information in case of search of a specific vehicle. For instance, in the search process of a vehicle related to a criminal act. This way, we can also make a search of vehicles with the same features, making the process easier.

Instant speed calculation: VPAR SERVER offers this option renewed, now even more precise. Not only to detect those vehicles exceeding the speed limit against the law, but also to reinforce the safety near sensitive areas such as residential areas, near to schools or public services which require special caution

Not only that, but it will be also possible to detect car make and color, which will provide extra information to refine search and location of vehicles, as well as avoiding fraud by plate replacement.

The possibilities grow with every goal we achieve, and we keep working for a safer environment every day.