Neural Labs Ecosystem for an Urban environment

Neural Labs Ecosystem for an Urban environment

At Neural Labs we have specialized in technological solutions in traffic analytics that provide quick and visible results to reduce accidents and improve mobility in the urban environment, becoming a useful and important tool for the cities where we operate. In this environment, we can provide solutions for both the security area and for areas such as transit or mobility.

Our 20 years of experience in video analytics applied to traffic have given us experience in many environments and extensive knowledge of the different problems applied to a city or city environment.



For the security area of ​​a municipality, the early detection of vehicles involved in crimes or potentially suspected of committing them is vital. It is always intended to avoid deaths, damage to people or property, etc.

Through the installation of plate reading cameras, either in fixed points or in mobile units (for example, police vehicles), all the information detected against the different lists of interest is verified, such as:

- Stolen vehicles.
- Vehicles with capture order.
- Database of technical specifications of government vehicles.

In addition, Neural Labs offers additional analytics that can provide more intelligence to the system such as:

- Color detection.
- Vehicle brand detection.
- Speed ​​Detection.
- Classification of the type of vehicle.

The high rate of recognition of our technology allows checking against these lists practically 100% of the vehicles that circulate in front of our license plate recognition cameras and store in the databases of the city, all the detected information of each vehicle.


Early Alerts
In a security environment, the most primary alert is the detection of a badge included in one of the "interest" lists (municipal, state or federal). This alert allows to activate the pertinent police actions.

Another alert that can be extremely useful from the point of view that may be avoiding crime is the NO CONCORDANCE between the license plate, color, make and type of vehicles detected by Neural Labs video analytics and the technical data of the vehicle included in the government records.

This discrepancy could be indicating that the plaque is "cloned" most likely with the intention of committing a crime.


Forensic Search
Having stored the plate number of all the vehicles that circulate in front of the cameras, as well as additional vehicle data such as brand, color, type, etc., the security agents can use this information for investigations of crimes, incidents, etc. 

In its simplest application, the historical database searches for the appearances of a plaque (or part of it) in order to identify the dates and places where said vehicle was seen.

This location is already extremely useful in that it allows a starting point from which to track the "history" of the suspect using other cameras reading plates or linking with video recordings of the city or municipality.

However, if in the search we cross more characteristics of the vehicle detected by Neural Labs traffic analytics such as Color, brand, type of vehicle etc. This becomes much more precise by reducing the list of suspects to investigate and thus making the system more optimal.


Search crossing vehicle characteristics
An example of this crossed search could be to search the database of detected vehicles for the following combination of data of the vehicle being searched as a possible suspect in committing a crime:

Plate contains: "FGB12"
Red color
Brand: Renault
Type: Tourism
Dates: between 1-03-2018 and 21-03-2018
Detection area: Old Town

With this known input data the Neural Labs BackOffice will locate detected vehicles that meet these criteria and show all detections along with associated images and videos for better verification.

Alert to detect a vehicle included in a list
Nobody escapes the great dissuasive power of this type of systems making its inhabitants safer cities, thanks to the adoption of this type of technology.

The installation of this type of systems is in the line of making the surveillance systems more intelligent and autonomous, being a great support for security personnel or video operators. Facial recognition is another of the analytics in this line that coexists very often with Neural Labs solutions.


Early Alerts
In the field of traffic or traffic management in cities or municipalities, our solutions are useful to avoid conducts in driving that are a threat to the rest of the citizens. It is once again intended to avoid deaths and damages through deterrence by applying the corresponding sanctions.

In this environment, once again it may be interesting to search in real time all the plates detected in lists of the different organisms. In this case, in a more traffic-oriented department, for example, access to the list of vehicles without compulsory insurance or lists of vehicles without compulsory technical inspection is interesting.

Vehicle access control
In some cities, access to the urban area is limited in certain time zones for certain license plates and depending on the day. (odd, odd, etc.). The Neural Labs solution is able to give alerts in the case of detecting vehicles circulating outside the allowed hours.

Even in some countries, serious episodes of air pollution are limiting access to certain areas of the city depending on the classification of vehicle pollution. This classification is accessed from license plates recognized by plate reading systems.

Always, remember, using static cameras or onboard cameras.

Other applications aimed at increasing traffic safety can be red photo systems that detect and propose sanctions when a vehicle does not respect a traffic light or wrong turn that detects a turn not allowed in both cases recognizing the license plate and storing evidence in video.


Configuration of the warning by traffic light in red

In some cities, access to pedestrian zones or lanes reserved for public transport with license plate recognition is controlled. In this case, we work with access to lists of allowed vehicles (with their respective time restrictions, etc.), sanctioning those that are not included in these lists.



In the mobility departments of our cities, we implement solutions focused on measuring, acting, and re-measuring. The object is to make our cities more human, safe and efficient. Our systems help to "understand" what is happening in the traffic environment. They are not systems with a purpose of sanction, but rather of measurement.

Although in most of this type of applications it is not intended to start identifying vehicles univocally, if it is true that, if it is, this identification gives more power to the subsequent analysis of the collected data (for example, being able to create origin matrices -destination).

So some examples of such measurements using our traffic analytics (plate, color, make, type of vehicle, speed, etc.) are:

- Average displacement times between 2 points
- Average speeds in an exact point (distribution, etc.)
- Jam detection
- Vehicle Counting.
- Distribution of transits at one point by different types of vehicles (tourism, motorcycle, truck, etc.).


In the mobility, sector comes great investment to make the cities more human and efficient, with our solutions and technologies only a small part of the necessary tools.



The solutions that Neural Labs deploys in our cities and municipalities, help to make them safer, pacify traffic and improve mobility.

As we have seen, they are an indispensable productivity tool in terms of tracking and control of vehicular traffic.

Our open system allows us to integrate with other existing systems in the market, thus providing integrated solutions to our customers, which is one of the key points for our company.

Through our analytics, the video surveillance system works "alone" and intelligently and efficiently to generate alerts only when necessary.

From Neural Labs we work to improve existing analytics and functionalities and add some that would complement the suite for the places we can get to install.

We also provide the necessary consultancy and advice to design and deploy traffic analysis solutions applied to the needs of each city or municipality.



CEO & Co-Founder / NEURAL LABS

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