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NL GHOST - High Definiton All in One Camera

The NL-Ghost Camera uses high resolution ultra-sensitive CMOS sensors and a 4 core internal processor to deliver a superior performance in Traffic Analytics up to 2 lane scenario.

In a single unit, it integrates camera, lighting, electronic lighting control and Neural Labs traffic analytics solution, such as license plate reading, speed calculation, direction flow, car make and color. 

The unit processes traffic analytics internally, and returns only the results in order to save bandwidth. Is also has internal storage, making it tolerant to network outages. Each camera is pre-calibrated and tested for simple installation.

The NL-Ghost Camera has quick fit standard RJ45 socket and two banks of stroboscopic Infra-Red Illuminators to provide the optimum night time illumination for the license plates. The unit has a temperature range of -40º to +60º C.

The Camera has a high strength aluminum body with 4mm glass. A steel sunshield provides protection from the weather. A removable top cover allows the installer to fit the cables in a quick and easy fashion without the need for the camera to be fully opened minimizing both the time the back is off the unit and the Engineer must spend connecting to the unit.

  • 2 lane road coverage, using either 3.2 Megapixel sensor
  • Reading multiple number plates in a single field of view
  • Superior Low Light Performance: 1/1.8" CMOS Global Shutter Sensor
  • 24Vdc Power Supply
  • Consumption: 150W @ 24 V
  • 40GB internal storage expandable up to 640 GB
  • 25mm lens / 35mm lens to work from a distance of 15 to 25 meters.
  • Plate image and overview from one unit using a single cable
  • 12 LED’s to illuminate 2 lanes of road width
  • Standard Mounting
  • Embedded High temperature range CPU
  • VPAR Server included (Free flow ANPR, LPR)
  • Color Overview option
  • Video analytics available (Instant Speed, Class, Color, Make)
  • Applications (Average speed, Red light control, Stop line control, Wrong turn, Wrong way detection)
LED quantity 12 LEDS
Infra- Red Light Maximum Range Optimized 10 – 30 meters
Infra-Red Beam Angle 20o / 40o
Power input 24 VDC
Protection Level IP66
Remperature Range -40oC - +60oC
Dimensions 360mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 110mm(H)
Net Weight 2.5Kgs
Housing construction Extruded Aluminum Alloy
  • NL-GHOST-3

    GHOST camera with 3.2 Mpix Camera, embedded Processor, VPAR Server Free flow


  • GHOST camera with 3.2 Mpix Camera, embedded Processor, VPAR Server Free flow, Color Overview

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