Software de reconocimiento de matrículas y contenedores

CIDAR - Container ID Recognition

CIDAR is a Container ID recognition library.It recognizes internacional standar ISO 6346 codes. It´s ready to be used from your development language in Windows:
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual c++
  • Borland Foxpro
  • Delphi
  • Borland c++ Builder
  • Net (vb, c#, c++)
  • gcc
  • g++
  • etc
CIDAR takes as input an image containing any of the container sides(which contains the ID Code) and it returns :
  • Recognized Code
  • Type, dimensions extra info and country if available
  • A boolean indicating whether the recognized code is correct or not Reliability of the reading
  • Reliability of each character
  • Location of the Code in the image (rectangle)
  • Average height of the characters
  • Processing time

  • Recognition of the ISO international standard 6346
  • Recognition of "extra info" next to the ISO Code
  • Own Neural Technology.
  • Accuracy rate of 95%.
  • Processing time: 300 ms.
  • Returns the global Reliability Factor for the reading.
  • Return the character reliability.
  • Recognizes horizontal IDs
  • Recognizes 2 lines IDs
  • Recognizes Vertical IDs
  • Improved robustness against perspective distortion
  • Recognition from image buffer and from image files (BMPs and JPGs).
  • Hardware independent (acquisition cards, cameras...).
  • Quick integration with ip cameras (like axis,sony, panasonic,..)
  • Extreme perspective correction pre-process

Pentium III or higher