ANPR and Container Id Recognition Software

ANPR BOARD – Embedded ANPR Engine

ANPR BOARD – Embedded ANPR Engine – Neural Labs Automatic Number Plate Reader Board – is a mini PC based on Linux that integrates the Neural Labs ANPR engine and multiple communication protocols to acquire images from cameras like Axis, Jvc, Mobotix, Lilin, Vivotek , IDS-IMAGING, etc...
  • Add Number Plate Recognition functionality to your cameras with our NL ANPR Board.
  • By connecting a NL ANPR Board to each camera you will get distributed, scalable and complete ANPR systems increasing processing power and lowering network bandwidth requirements.
  • Save development time with NL ANPR BOARD.
  • NL ANPR Board can be placed anywhere in the network even inside the camera housing.
  • It can be triggered with an external event
  • It can receive a trigger directly from cameras with I/O capabilities
  • Configuration is done using a web interface
  • Recognized number plates are sent to the desired host using xml and TCP/IP sockets (number plate, image, confidence, etc)
  • It can be configured to work on a multi-shot basis.
Save development time with NL ANPR BOARD.
Use of the vehicle plate as a “key” for accessing an area.
Linking the vehicle plate to the ticket number in order to manage lost tickets and avoid fraud.
Restricted access to pedestrian areas.

Fraud detection at tolls.
Speed control.
Red Light Enforcement.

In addition to the image of the vehicle plate, additional images of the vehicle as it enters the area are taken and stored in a DB.

Reading of vehicle plates using an on-board camera.
Checking of the vehicle plates against blacklisted plates.

Linking vehicles number plates to their weight.

ETC: Electronic Toll Collection system
  • Mini PC based con Atom and Linux
  • Neural Labs ALPR Engine (VPAR) embedded.
  • Monitoring and setup using a web interface.
  • Works with all motion Jpeg cameras (Axis, JVC, Mobotix, Lilin, Vivotek, etc).
  • Works with IDS-IMAGING cameras. TCP/IP interface.
  • Proprietary neural technology constantly evolving and improving.
  • Up to 98% reliability rating (including damaged vehicle plates, etc.).
  • Extreme perspective Correction.
  • Available for Stop & Go and Free-Flow applications.
More than 50 Countries Supported. New countries added every month.