Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn


What is it?

The Neural Labs's Wrong turn application, detects and proposes sanctions for vehicles that make turns in prohibited directions by traffic regulations. This practice, besides impeding the circulation of vehicles, is a dangerous behavior that affects other drivers.

Our company provides traffic and vehicle control departments with efficient tools that allow managing in real time the traffic conditions in the city, detecting dangerous behaviors as in this case.


How does it work?

The wrong turn is detected by 2 license plate reading cameras and an evidence camera. The system detects the passage of the vehicle through the 2 license plate reading cameras and calculates the time elapsed between them.

If this time is less than a configurable value, the license plate and images and videos of evidence where the infraction is observed are stored. The street elements send all the sanction proposals to a back-office to be validated by an operator. 

Once validated, they are exported to the administrative sanctions management software.


If you want to get in touch with our specialized sales representatives to learn more about our Wrong Turn solution for traffic, mobility and road safety, write to us at info@neurallabs.net.