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Neural Labs accompanies and advises its clients and integrators in the development of their projects, based on their expertise in the market for access control, parking, cities & ITS, tolls, traffic and mobility.


Our team of engineers will be in charge of technically supporting you so that your project is more efficient and effective, know our Neural services and have the support of a trustworthy company.

Software Updates

  Our software is in constant evolution with the purpose of offering our clients and users an efficient tool that supports their projects of access control, mobility, logistics and traffic control allowing to generate reliable solutions.   Neural Server software updates also allow to ensure the...

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Preventive and corrective maintenance

    The systems based on video analytics that Neural Labs supplies, become indispensable elements in any type of environment.   Neural Labs has a support department specialized in installing and maintaining all the elements that surround or compose a system of video analytics, such as:...

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Project Consulting

  We are an ally in the development of your projects, putting at your service the experience and knowledge of our team of Engineers, who will advise you according to each scenario, hardware, components, location and correct sizing of the Neural Labs solution for the control of access, traffic, security, and...

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Custom software development

  Technology is at the service of people, companies, and industries;  in our sector of traffic, mobility and access control, we understand that advising our customers by developing customized applications that meet their particular needs will become part of their competitive advantage.  ...

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Web Service subscription

  Neural Labs has developed its NL Web Service product that allows you to send and receive vehicle registration and analytical recognition information (brand, color, speed and classification) of our NEURAL SERVER software installed on your company's server, from and to the devices or equipment you want....

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