Our easy-to-integrate SDK (Software Development Kit) compatible with multiple programming languages allows efficient generation of new technological solutions.

Thanks to the quality of our automatic license plate recognition engine, developed with our own technology, we can offer our customers a high detection and recognition rate, over 98% in many cases, a reading processing time that typically ranges from 50 to 200 ms according to the size of the image. We also support the automatic recognition of license plates of 2 lines, among other features.

In addition to the registration text, the engine returns a value of the reliability of the reading by registration and character (up to 8 license plates in the same image if required), character size, type of license plate, country of origin, in addition to Other data of interest.

It is tolerant of both lateral and vertical perspective, as well as a substantial degree of inclination.

It allows reading from memory buffer (both in gray scale and in RGB color), from BMP and JPG files. In short, our libraries are the best option for developers and companies looking for a reliable engine with which to continue building efficient solutions.

We have made a great effort to offer our customers not only robust and high-quality software, but also very versatile, with many options for configuration, optimization and adaptation, and very easy to integrate.

We also have an SDK for the recognition of cargo container identification codes. Its operation and characteristics are similar to those of the automatic license plate recognition engine in more than 136 countries.


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