City & ITS

City & ITS

Our vehicle recognition software Neural Server, combines neural technology and artificial intelligence, to develop traffic analytics efficiently and quickly in any scenario: On-board systems (police vehicles), cameras at fixed points (to recognize vehicle license plates continuously, at any speed).


Our solution has been developed with the aim of offering cities, municipalities and states control tools that allow improving safety, mobility and traffic management; It offers the user the possibility of generating through the interface, searches in the history of detections by registration, brand, color, speed, direction of traffic and lane, as well as classification according to their type, detecting vehicles that violate the traffic rules and can endanger the lives of other drivers and pedestrians. 


Neural Server allows you to manage the sanctions proposal module, detecting vehicles that cross in red light, make improper turns, circulate in the opposite direction or at excessive speed. Additionally, it offers the possibility of improving mobility in cities, thanks to the generation of destination origin matrices and control of vehicular restriction in places where, for various reasons such as environmental care, it is necessary to limit the number of cars that transit.


Currently, our software has more than 70 supported countries, allowing to use cameras and protocols of different brands in the same system, and admitting centralized, distributed or mixed architectures. Thanks to the development and implementation of these analytics in the countries where Neural Labs is present, road safety has been improved, making cities safer, more human and more efficient.






Our VCOP solution, mainly used in police vehicles, allows the real-time visualization of license plates of cars, performing multilist management and associated actions, generates alerts to the operator and performs pre and post-event recording effects the importation of information from the database and generates automatic reports. Our solution is a valuable tool for the identification and control of citizen security.





Our technology is easily integrated with a wide variety of approved cameras for license plate reading, giving the possibility to each user to find the best hardware alternative according to their project.



For scenarios of high speed or limited connectivity, Neural Labs presents its GHOST smart camera, which includes our ANPR software and has internal storage that makes it tolerant to network crashes, processing both video analytics and detection of penalties and delivering only the results thus saving bandwidth. The overview version will allow to read license plates and simultaneously recording the environment using the evidence camera.




Cities change, are transformed and move forward, Neural Labs is at the forefront of technology, let us be part of their projects to provide efficient solutions to the new challenges of mobility, traffic, and security.

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