Our NEURAL SERVER © software performs reading and identification of ISO 6346 container codes, in logistics ports and handling cranes; thanks to the power of the system it allows to manage several lanes from a single post and performs an access control and efficient recognition, not only of the containers but also of the trucks in charge of their transportation.


The entry register is made from several cameras, being able to group them logically and processing each container from several sides; this facilitates the optimum reading of the characters, despite the normal wear to which the containers are exposed. NEURAL SERVER © works autonomously and unattended by storing the results in its database and verifying the lists of license plates and containers in real time.



Learn about the main advantages to implement NEURAL SERVER in ports and logistics areas:


  1. High Recognition Rate.
  2. It recognizes containers of 40 and 20 feet (ISO Standard 6346).
  3. Recognize Containers without "check digit".
  4. Use several cameras to get the best reading.
  5. It recognizes license plates from more than 70 countries.
  6. Allows overview cameras.
  7. Multi-List Management, being able to generate actions based on these (alerts, open barriers, etc.)
  8. For each container, it stores: Image of the container, recognized ID, Extra info if it exists (dimensions, country, etc.), Date and time, GPS position, associated "environment" images.
  9. Ease of integration, Neural Server stores the results in the open database (SQL Server) and launches, if desired, XML messages to another application.



License Plate Recognition and Containers identification in access control with connection to the TOS.
Recognition of Containers in cranes for traceability etc.
Radar section (within the port facility).

Control of restricted access zones




Automation of customs control processes, minimizing waiting times.





Automation of access control in companies that use containers connected to their ERP.





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