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Reasons why LPR training will make your copmany grow

Number Plate Reading is a functionality increasingly requested in security applications, logistics, ITS, etc.

Laws requiring its use are determinant in this increasing demand: Parking law in Colombia creates the need to register the number plate for security reasons, and here, an LPR reader is the solution.

In Spain, it is mandatory that the number plate appears printed on the parking ticket. This makes necessary a reliable LPR system that registers and prints the license plate number instantly.

A very significative fact, is that in 2013  415 million dollar were involved in the LPR market, and it is estimated that this figures keep growing a 14% each year between 2014 and 2020, as Markets & Research reported.

Definitely, in security applications as well as in Logistics, LPR Technology is a Solution increasingly demanded worldwide. All this is translated into a growing need of specialized training for all professionals related in some way with LPR distribution.

For LPR Systems designers, we offer the best training for their maximum performance in real situations, as well as for technical and sales support staff, with high quality information of real cases that they will find during the distribution of this systems and support.

For these, and many other reasons, Neural Labs offers its LPR Certification Training, which takes place several times a year – next edition in Bogotá, August 9th- After over 15 year experience in the sector, we believe in our products (the results support it) and we want to help our clients to obtain the maximum performance and take advantage of all the possibilities this technology offers, anticipating the needs of this growing and demanding market.