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New Analytic: vehicle Make and Color Detection

VPAR SEVRER, Neural Labs’ Traffic Anaytics and Access Control solution, includes now a new option to detect vehicle Make and Color. This new functionality, expands the possibilites when performing specific vehicle search, in case of fleeing or vehicles that must be located.

This way, fraud detection is also improved when, for instance, a license plate has been replaced, we can see the make and color does not correspond to the original register.

Therefore, the options which allow to cooperate with police databases or configured lists in the system are increased, covering a wider range of risk situations, whether in highways, urban zones, parking spaces, access gates, etc.

These new analytics, are an addition to the already existing in Neural Labs solutions: license plate reading, speed detection, vehicle classification, lane and circulation detection.

Whatever the project, we offer consultancy on how to apply this new functionality. Contact us for more details.