Software de reconocimiento de matrículas y contenedores


VPAR - Number Plate Recognition SDK

On board LIcense Plate Recognition in Colombia

License Plate Recognition using the Free Flow version of Neural Labs' recognition engine. On board system for recognition from vehicle in movement.

VPAR SERVER - Traffic Analytics and Access Control Solution

VPAR SERVER New Traffic Analytics Features

VPAR SERVER now can detect: - Direction flow detection - Lane detection - Vehicle classification (VAN, TRUCK, MOTORBIKE, CAR) - Instant speed detection - improved feature.

VPAR SERVER Free Flow with Dahua hardware

Demonstration of LIcense Plate Recognition with VPAR SERVER and Dahua hardware.

Neural Labs LPR: integration with Pelco

Neural Labs' LPR technology, VPAR SERVER, integrated with Pelco.

VPAR SERVER Free Flow with Vivotek IP816A lpc camera

License Plate Recognition with VPAR SERVER Free Flow and Vivotek IP816A lpc camera.

Neural Labs Integration with Milestone - Plug-in

VPAR SERVER integration with Milestone. Plug-in.

NUUO VMS Integration

Neural Labs is now integrated with NUUO VMS.