Software de reconocimiento de matrículas y contenedores

VPAR - Number Plate Recognition SDK

Neural Labs presents the ultimate SDK in the field of Automatic Recognition Engines: LPR -ANPR - ALPR- Container, Cargo Trains, and Hazard Plates)  
VPAR, Based on neuronal and evolving own technology, provides a system for detecting and reading License Plates from Cars, Containers and Trains ID, Hazard Plates…)  very easy to install and to integrate into any OS, with the maximum reading reliability, thus offering an immediate time-to-market .

Main Advantages on the LPR - ANPR - ALPR Software From Neural Labs: 
Own neural technology constantly evolving and improving.
98% or bigger reliability rating on LPR (including damaged vehicle plates, etc.). 
Processing time of 50 ms
Recognition of 2-line vehicle plates
Provides reliability of each vehicle plate
Provides reliability of each character
Recognizes motorcycles (2 lines plates)
Possibility of providing up to 8 vehicle plates in one image
Reading from memory, BMP and JPG file…
Hardware independent (cameras, frame-grabbers, etc.).
Immediate integration with IP cameras (Bosch, Axis, Vivotek, Sony,  Panasonic, LG, JVC, IDS-IMAGING, HIK, Mobotix, Lilin, Avigilon, etc.)
Standard and free-flow versions
And in the VPAR SERVER LPR - ANPR - ALPR version:  
Duplicated license plate filtering
Shadow killer
Slant Detection
Perspective correction tools
Integrates its own database (SQL server) to log every recognized license plate.
Supports NVR’s streaming protocols such as Bosch, Milestone, IndigoVision, Mirasys, AxxonSoft, NUUo,   etc.
Can send XML messages to third party systems.
For each license plate logs:
  • License plates (up to 8 on the same image).
  • Confidence level.
  • Traffic direction.
  • Vehicle image (JPG file).
  • Timestamp, GPS position, camera Id, country, etc.
  • Location of the license plate in the image.
  • And more…
Main Applications:
The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR - ALPR - LPR) engines from Neural Labs is especially indicated in the following areas:
• Border control
• Car parks
• “Find your car” (in Car Parks)  
• Petrol stations
Weigh stations for Lorries (trucks) 
• Police patrol cars (on the road and in the city)
• Virtual “lifeguard” ( for the transport of money and valuables)  
• Traffic law enforcement (Red Light, pedestrian zones, bus lane…)
Access control of residential areas
• Access control of industrial estates
• Truck parking areas
• Speed cameras
• NCT Centers (vehicle inspection centers)
• Motorway: Toll bridges, average speed, etc
• Automatic bollards for restricted access to certain areas
• Car Counting
Driving Offence Detection

Request More Information:
Take advantage now of the benefits that Neural Labs Recognition engine brings.   
Contact us for more information on our Recognition Software: LPR - ANPR - ALPR- Container, Cargo Trains, and Hazard Plates.


The number of cores of the processor/s has to be at least the same as the cores of the VPAR license.

Neural Labs can advise on the PC / server required for each case

The choice of a suitable acquisition hardware and it proper configuration for each issue is of vital importance.

Neural Labs does not provide hardware in any case but offers the necessary advice to the choice of it depending on your specific needs (architecture, vehicle speed, etc).

Our library is independent of the camera, however we recommend :

  • IR sensitive camera
  • IR Filter
  • IR Illuminator

Some Brands: Bosch, Sony, Axis, Vivotek, HikVision,Jvc, IDS-IMAGING, Mobotix, Dalsa, Point Grey, Allied Telesis.

  • Motion jpeg
  • Jpeg
  • Direct show
  • GigE Vision
The choice of camera depends on the particular scenario. (Stop & Go, Free Flow, etc)
Ask us for technical advice!
Product Features Optional
VPAR Standard Vehicle license Plate reading   Read up to  8 License Plates from a single image
VPAR 2 CORES Parallel VPAR Processing by using up to 2 CPU or processor cores.   Read up to  8 License Plates from a single image
VPAR 4 CORES Parallel VPAR Processing by using up to 4 CPU or processor cores.   Read up to  8 License Plates from a single image
VPAR 8 CORES Parallel VPAR Processing by using up to 8 CPU or processor cores.   Read up to  8 License Plates from a single image
NEW! NL ALPR BOARD Circuit Board with VPAR engine embedded. Works with all JPEG, Motion Jpeg, IDS-imaging, etc cameras
See Product Brochure

VPAR versions sorted by processing power
  • VPAR Standard:

VPAR is available as a DLL component or .NET Assembly .NET

Possible applications / Uses
  • Border Control
  • Car Parks
  • Petrol Stations
  • Police Vehicles
  • Industrial State Access Control
  • Truck Weighting
  • Truck Parks
  • Radar / Speed Cameras
  • Access Control to Residential Areas
  • Vehicle Technical Check Terminals
  • Motorways- Average Speed
  • Tolling
  • Red Light Systems