ANPR and Container Id Recognition Software

About Us

About Us

We create traffic analytics and access control software, which will make ife easier for our customers, and our companies and cities safer and more efficient spaces.

Our traffic analytics and control access technology, developed from optical characters recognition technology (OCR) applied to vehicle license plate reading (ANPR, LPR) and Iso6346 Freight Containers identifier (ACCR), is without a doubt the best available on the market.

Our optical characters recognition (OCR) engines based on artificial neural networks are the product of years spent in R&D and commercial experience in the area of ITS, computer vision , artificial intelligence ,parking facility and video surveillance.

Our specialization in the development of Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) and years of experience in this area guarantees our products, which we offer well documented with example source codes that are completely READY TO USE.


Neural Labs and RODHE at Intertraffic Mexico

22 Nov 2016

Mexico hosted last november 16, 17 and 18, one of the largest trade shows on road safety, mobility, traffic management, infrastructure and administration,...

Casmar, new distributor of Neural Labs products for Spain, Chile and Colombia

08 Nov 2016

Casmar, security technology distributor since 1978, adds Neural Labs technology to their range of security systems management soluitions with license plate reco...

Training as an investment in your company growth

25 Oct 2016

We know that LPR technology is a growing market. As a company dedicated to development of this technology, we see a higher demand among our clients and their cl...


Neural Labs LPR: integration with Pelco

Neural Labs' LPR technology, VPAR SERVER, integrated with Pelco.

VPAR SERVER Free Flow with Dahua hardware

Demonstration of LIcense Plate Recognition with VPAR SERVER and Dahua hardware.

VPAR SERVER Free Flow with Vivotek IP816A lpc camera

License Plate Recognition with VPAR SERVER Free Flow and Vivotek IP816A lpc camera.