Access Control

Access Control

Our license plate recognition software (ANPR) Neural Server, is the effective solution for access control, allowing parking lots to get real-time information on vehicles entering or leaving. Manages the access of authorized and restricted vehicles, recognizing license plates with a trigger (inductive loop, photocell, etc.), continuously and acting on access barriers according to entry lists, simplifying times and integrating easily with various video systems surveillance; providing in this way to businesses or homes, circulation safely and automatically.


Neural Server is an excellent tool to perform and control capacity and time spent in a parking ; thus providing the end user (shopping centers, institutions, official entities, companies with their own transport fleet, private parking, etc.) the ability to detect critical areas and evaluate travel times, to improve processes. Thanks to the option of having overview cameras, it is also possible to have evidence of the state in which the vehicles have entered the parking lot; in the event that it is necessary to perform an audit of their status. 


As a marketing tool through brand identification and classification, personalized advertising campaigns can be generated in the entrance of car parks of commercial establishments, in order to inform about the products or services that are offered and thus attract the attention of the potential buyers and report discounts or promotions to your specific market.


Our solution for access control is widely used in:





Our Neural Edge product integrates our ANPR license with high efficiency in Vivotek cameras, reducing the use of hardware and providing a practical and economical solution to parking and vehicle access control systems. Neural Edge allows scalability to all other Neural Labs analytics.




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